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A dungeon crawler set in a dark digital world, with fast-paced real-time RPG gameplay. Featuring rotoscoped animation, and retro rendering techniques to create a unique visual experience.

"You are tasked with researching the experimental artificial intelligence, code named 'MERCURY'. It has been designed to construct its own environment on our servers, and is obeying the directives we provided it since its creation. This project is classified on all security levels, save for the RnD team. The cranial sensor, along with the computer capable of interfacing with Mercury has been provided in your office. It will allow you to communicate and participate in Mercury's world. Good luck. "

Features - 

  • ~1 hour long demo, with the full game being ~15 hours long
  • Hundreds of skills to unlock, use up to 8 at once to create a skill set capable of taking out your enemies, while defending yourself from them
  • No bloated progression systems, simply unlock skills and mix and match with whatever you need in a given situation
  • Certain resources are limited, such as discs which are required to save the game. Manage your inventory wisely
  • Progress is broken up into levels, some of which are linear, others require exploration
  • Challenging, fast-paced, enemies can overpower you quickly!

Scraps of Light Also features an excellent soundtrack from Adam @Dr_Yellow97
Please show your support for his work as well!

Please support us if you're interested in the project. More content is coming shortly!

Install instructions

This is the second demo for Scraps of Light, another demo will be made available before the final release. The final release will be available on Steam!

Simply unzip the folder and launch the exe to play.



Development log


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im excited to try this :) I only got into the tutorial, but I can't change the resolution to fit my screen since the accept changes button doesn't show on my screen
edit fixed with alt enter


Awesome project! The visuals are a feast for the eyes and the rotoscoping effects look incredible! Gameplay-wise, the combat is dynamic and a great challenge. There’s definitely a difficulty curve to be learned playing this game but it is rewarding to master. The amount of different skills to find and the variety of enemies help keeps things interesting as well.

If I had some feedback, I think it takes a little too long to get back into the game after a game over. Having to wait for the title menu and then the game to load feels a bit sluggish.

I have not completed the demo as of this feedback but I definitely want to go back to finish it!

Incredible work on this! Looking forward to more!


Thank you very much for the feedback! I appreciate the comment, and the next demo will for sure include some tweaks to further improve the experience :)

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